Thai navy frigate HTMS Naresuan sustains 100 million baht harm in port collision

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) frigate, HTMS Naresuan, sustained considerable injury when its left gunwale collided with the marina at the industrial port of Map Ta Phut, positioned in Rayong province’s Muaeng district. This incident occurred earlier at present, through the frigate’s departure from the wharf.
Details of the announcement had been provided by the spokesperson for the RTN, Admiral Pokkrong Monthatphalin. According to Admiral Pokkrong, the accident left quite a few life rafts and one tube of the triple torpedo launcher of the Naresuan damaged. Additionally, the portside hull of the vessel was marred with scratches.
The First Naval Area operations centre has initiated an inquiry to aim to discover out whether the incident was merely an accident or if human error played a job. Admiral Pokkrong talked about plans for a technical support unit to conduct preliminary repairs and assess the complete breadth of the damage to the HTMS Naresuan as well.
The incident coincided with HTMS Naresuan’s participation within the Naval Security Port and Ship Map Ta Phut Exercise this 12 months. Running from July 25 through to July 27, this train was situated at the industrial port of Map Ta Phut, reported Bangkok Post.
Considered the RTN’s most capable frigate, the HTMS Naresuan was constructed in China and commissioned almost 30 years ago. It boasts forty four,250-horsepower diesel engines that enable a prime velocity of 32 knots, a considerable velocity for a boat that measures a size of 120.5 metres, and a breadth of 13.7 metres.
Preliminary reports counsel that the harm occurred whilst HTMS Naresuan was docking on July 26. Sources have estimated the value of the inflicted injury at a hundred million baht. However, Cancel anytime supplied go away plenty of unanswered questions in regards to the particulars of the accident.

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