Monitor lizard’s jaw-dropping shock visit sends Chon Buri locals in a tail spin

A large monitor lizard shocked locals when it entered a residential property in Chon Buri province, requiring a staff of native rescue officers to take away it. The reptile hid behind a water basin, where it resisted seize. This pressured authorities to use some special equipment and it took three to four officers to safely restrain the animal.
Yesterday, the Nong Tam Lueng municipality’s catastrophe aid workplace received a report at 5pm, requesting help for the removal of a giant monitor lizard from a home at 48/3 Moo 9, Nong Tam Lueng, Panthong District, Chon Buri province. Arriving at the scene, the officers discovered the large reptile hiding behind a water basin in front of the house. It made threatening noises at anyone attempting to capture it. Despite Limited of specialised equipment, the lizard continued to withstand seize. As a end result, a staff of three to 4 officers to successfully restrain it, reported KhaoSod.
When the home-owner noticed the dimensions of the reptile that had entered their property from a nearby house, it shocked them. It was much greater than some other reptile that they had seen before. Concerned about their security and the security of the lizard, the homeowner known as an expert rescue team right away. They took care of the scenario rigorously, ensuring they safely removed and returned the lizard to its pure habitat.
Last week, a home owner in Surin province revealed that she had been driven to spend sleepless nights away from her own residence because of the ghostly presence of a lifeless tokay gecko. Jitapha Pothisa, the distressed owner, claims to regularly hear the eerie calls of the phantom lizard but has never actually seen it. The unsettling expertise has compelled the 32 yr old mother of one to seek refuge elsewhere, away from the haunted property where the incident occurred..

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