Divine site visitors jam: Giant Thai deity, Kru Kai Kaew, hits roadblock in Bangkok

Plain of the famend Thai deity Kru Kai Kaew or the Great Master Teacher, triggered considerable visitors when it failed clear a bridge it was passing underneath in Ratchadaphisek, Bangkok. A humanoid with bird-like features, wings on its back and golden talons, the bizarre sight sparked curiosity about the identification of the deity among bystanders.
Too tall to make it by way of the underpass, the caught statue gained the attention of onlookers, and now the statue’s backstory has been revealed. The statue’s historical past is traced again to a monk in Lamphang province. The monk had gifted the statue of Kru Kai Kaew, often known as Great Master Teacher, to his scholar, Thawil Milinthajinda, an old-school Thai singer and former army musician. Thawil, in turn, passed it on to his scholar, Suchat Rattanasuk.
Suchat Rattanasuk is recognised for establishing the first statues of Kru Kai Kaew in Thailand. Traditionally, figurines of the deity have been small, measuring approximately two inches. The statue initially depicted an individual sitting in a squatting position. However, Suchat, utilizing a little bit of creative license, drew an image of Kru Kai Kaew and forged the first statue standing tall, resembling an older particular person, reported KhaoSod.
The teacher’s type is that of a half-human, half-bird, with wings on its back and golden talons, symbolising a supreme bard. This is based on proof found on Bayon temple partitions from the reign of Jayavarman VII – the first Buddhist king of Cambodia from 1181 to 1220 AD.
To worship the deity, followers supply five incense sticks, bow to the instructor, after which make a donation in Kru Kai Kaew’s glass cupboard. After knocking, worshippers ask for blessings and specific their needs. The specific chant that follows is: “Namo Tassa Bhagavāto Arahato Sammā Sambuddhassa ” (recited three times), then “Maha Kru Kai Kaew Metta Maha Raja Sappaseneha Mama Chittang Piyang Mama.”

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