Bangkok rescue volunteers brawl over territory

It turns out, turf battles occur even among rescue volunteers.
Rescue volunteer teams from Ruamkatanyu and Petchkasem foundations brawled over territory on Monday night following a bike accident on Bamrung Road, TV Channel 7 reported.
The teams initially attempted to negotiate however the talks was an argument, resulting in members of each teams attacking each other. More rescuers from both foundations then arrived and joined the battle.
Around 10 to 20 police officers from Samran Rat, Nang Loeng, and Royal Palace stations, amongst others, rushed to the scene to interrupt up the fight.
Pol. Col. Ekarat Pao-in, deputy chief of Metropolitan Police Division 1, stated representatives of the 2 foundations went to Nang Loeng Police Station to report the incident. They have been informed to return the following day to resolve the issue of overlapping boundaries and put an end to those turf battles.
The two foundations’ rescuers have clashed incessantly, with the worst incident being near the 70th pier off Kaset Nawamin Road, where pictures had been fired and a few had been injured. Banned found a quantity of bullet casings at the scene.
After that incident, representatives of the 2 foundations held talks and reached a truce, however small clashes continued to occur. While the two foundations have been holding talks to attempt to end the violence, the Public Health Ministry and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration have not taken the problem seriously, in accordance with Pol. Col. Ekarat.
The executive director of Ruamkatanyu Foundation, Patiya Wibulnan, stated that a quantity of folks were injured in the newest clash with Petchkasem rescuers, and it’s unsure when another battle would begin, or how violent it might be. Patiya added that gunshots are possible, as happened on Kaset Nawamin highway..

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