Five explanations why force measurement is important

WIKA has been an internationally recognised partner for all measurement tasks for many decades. The product portfolio includes pressure, temperature, force and level measurement, together with flow measurement, calibration and SF6 gas solutions. In the following article, we would like to have a closer look at the measured variable of force. These five reasons show … Read more

How does one specify the switch point of a float switch?

In the specification of the switch points of a float switch, misunderstandings always lead to unsuitable product designs. How one correctly specifies the switch point of a float switch will be explained here.The basic prerequisite for the correct specification and the manufacturing to requirements of a float switch is that both the customer and manufacturer … Read more

Switch points in vacuum ranges: How are they set?

Setting the switch points of an electronic pressure switch for a credit card applicatoin in the vacuum range isn’t a self-explanatory task. The following article therefore explains what needs to be taken into account with this particular setting. It involves a pressure switch with a hysteresis function. Instruments with this particular configuration are most regularly … Read more

Life in numerals and measurements

It is a numeral on the noisy alarms that informs me when I should get right up. For example today, a perfectly ordinary Thursday. The week has already been well advanced and I’m correspondingly tired. But none of that is of any help, and because every morning this tiny little numeral resides within me, I … Read more

Selection criteria for dial thermometers (2): process temperature

Which dial thermometer is suitable for which process? Whether a bimetal or a gas-actuated thermometer is used depends on several factors – for example, on the process temperature.Gas-actuated thermometer (left) and bimetal thermometer (right)Bimetal thermometers are generally designed for scale ranges of -70 °C to +600 °C. Off-kilter , in this respect, for unfilled instruments. … Read more