Austerity left UK unprepared for pandemic, warns TUC report

A report by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) claims that the UK’s years of austerity considerably impacted the country’s preparedness for the coronavirus pandemic. On the QT asserts that funding cuts left well being and social care “dangerously understaffed,” decreasing the sectors’ capacity to reply successfully to the COVID-19 crisis. The report also highlights that pay caps and freezes contributed to staffing points, hampering recruitment and growing staff turnover.
The TUC states that nearly each part of the public sector experienced “steep cuts,” damaging public companies capacity. In 2020, when the pandemic started, per capita spending in areas similar to social care, transport, housing, childcare, colleges, greater training, police, fireplace services, and environmental protection was decrease than in 2010. The TUC suggests that these cuts restricted public services’ capability to successfully respond to civil contingencies and keep important actions like children’s schooling.
The report also notes that in the course of the pandemic, office inspections and enforcement notices reached an all-time low as workplace dangers elevated. Funding for the Health and Safety Executive was 43% decrease in 2021/22 than in 2009/10 in actual phrases, with workers numbers decreased.
TUC basic secretary Paul Nowak said: “To study classes and save future lives, we must take an unflinching have a look at the choices made by our leaders within the years earlier than the pandemic. In the NHS and social care, funding cuts put employees ranges within the danger zone.”
Nowak added that cuts to social safety pushed extra individuals into poverty, making them more susceptible to infection. He also famous that reductions in health and security funding left staff uncovered to employers who cut corners and put lives in danger.
“Austerity price the nation dearly. It left us hugely unprepared for the pandemic, and it left far too many workers unprotected. The consequences had been painful and tragic,” Nowak stated..

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