The Abrasive Flow Solutions (AFS) staff celebrated the company’s first yr of enterprise lately (March 2022) by hosting a two-day launch perform at its manufacturing plant in Benoni, Gauteng.
AFS, which specialises within the design and manufacture of slurry-related valves, was established by the Engineering Solutions Group (ESG) of Invicta Holdings Limited, as part of the Group’s strategy to increase its fluid expertise services in Africa.
“The AFS staff works carefully with our sister company BMG, to extend specialist services, through the design, distribution, supply and assist of a broad range of slurry-related valves, together with Klep diaphragm and wedge gate valves,” says Donald Morrison, General Manager, AFS. “Our specialists efficiently achieved their first challenge, which they set for themselves when the corporate was established – to enhance the standard of diaphragm valves, by extending service life and reducing the maintenance necessities of this vary. This objective was achieved through exhausting work and the implementation of advanced design technologies, materials and coatings and is a good tribute to our group.
“Important milestones over the last 12 months embody the establishment of a new rubber lining facility, with the set up of autoclaves that have capacities of up to 10 m in size. In the rubber business, autoclaves are used to vulcanise rubber merchandise, which aren’t yet steady dimensionally, by elevating heat and strain. An autoclave is much like an enormous oven, with extremely high temperature and strain scores, that make rubber elements stable and strong in dimension and shape.
“Another development is a new pinch valve sleeve manufacturing facility within our new rubber lining and sleeve manufacturing facility.
“We at the moment are in a place to manufacture all pinch sleeves, together with excessive pressure and pneumatic sleeves. AFS pinch sleeves are manufactured from the best high quality rubber products, which are provided by Rema Tip Top. We have also made a significant investment to increase our hydraulic pressing facility and thru our new design and course of, we are in a place to manufacture high-pressure diaphragms able to pressures in extra of 20 Bar.
“AFS has enhanced the design and manufacturing of its slurry knife gate valve vary, with dimensions ranging in diameter from a 50 mm unit to 1.5 m valves. The vary contains flanged, wafer, lugged, urethane lined and high-pressure knife gate valves.
“BMG also distributes pressure gauge 0 10 bar ราคา manufactured range of abrasion-resistant valves for Dual Products International. These products include pinch valves, new water air launch valves, Resilient Seated Gate (RSV) valves and rotary disc sleeve valves. AFS has just lately manufactured and factory-tested some larger DN seven hundred hydraulically operated 20 Bar valves for a customer in Europe.
“Recently launched Dual rotary disc sleeve valves comprise a complicated rotating gate valve with sleeve design, developed particularly for heavy abrasive and corrosive slurries and water and wastewater installations. This patented design permits the valve to cycle through heavy slurries with out sticking. Wafer, flanged and high-pressure variants are available.
“Our highly skilled team has a thorough understanding of the processes the place valves are put in and is ready to specify the proper valves required for every utility. We also assist customers in fixing the problems of difficult installations and functions.
“To guarantee optimum safety, efficiency and the extended service life of every system, the choice of the correct industrial slurry valve is important. Valve selection is predicated on various components, together with the size and form of particles, stress, temperatures and chemical content material.”
This AFS portfolio is especially well-suited for use in harsh circumstances in various industries, together with mining, chemical and petrochemical, water and wastewater, vitality production and agri-food industries. Important installations recently, have been in mining slurry, tailings dams, and acid pumping purposes, which rely on plant availability and the secure operation of valves.
Another achievement for AFS is that ESG has just lately achieved recognition as a Level 2 contributor to Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE), which suggests customers can declare BEE procurement recognition of one hundred twenty five % against all purchases.
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